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24 Days Of Kindness!


With advent now underway, here are 24 beautiful ways to encourage your little ones to think about others at this very special time of year:


  1. Tell a Christmas joke and make someone laugh
  2. Make festive cards for your teachers
  3. Offer to set the table for dinner
  4. Tidy up your toys without being asked
  5. Do a household chore for mum or dad
  6. Smile – all day!
  7. Donate supplies to a local animal shelter
  8. Tidy away your school bags, coat and shoes
  9. Invite someone new over to play
  10. Pass on some books to your pals
  11. Donate three toys to the children’s ward
  12. Decorate pinecones for the Christmas tree
  13. Write a card to an elderly neighbour
  14. Sharpen all pencils in the classroom at break
  15. Plan five kind things for the new year
  16. Collect spare change for the local charity
  17. Donate clothing or toys to a refuge
  18. Wrap a gift for mum or dad
  19. Offer to tidy your little brother or sister’s bedroom
  20. Make a bookmark for a friend
  21. Offer to clear away the dirty dishes
  22. Give high fives to a friend
  23. Help put away the groceries after shopping
  24. Remember to make your bed today

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