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Goosebumps as you daydream!



Just about every worthwhile invention or discovery has appeared in the form of a dream before it took shape in the real world.

Yet, as children, we were always told to stop daydreaming as it was a waste of time. Seen as a bad habit or a sign of laziness, we’re all stopped from doing it. Of course, there’s a time and place for everything – not a good idea while driving a bus, or if you’re a surgeon operating on a patient, for instance! However, if you want to turn your brain into a creativity factory, then daydreaming is a crucial skill.

Daydreaming is best for imagining an outcome: the way things will be when you’ve solved the problem or created that work of art. In these kinds of daydreams, there are no obstacles, nobody making fun of your idea, no self-doubt about what’s possible or practical. With that kind of freedom, you can imagine your project of ideas in their purest form.

For other people to get excited about your idea, you have to get excited about it first!

So, as I embark on the release of another brand, spanking, new initiative this autumn, I’m asking myself the following questions:

  • What do I want them to feel when they experience what I’ve created? What emotions do I want to evoke?
  • What parts of this project excite me the most? The quirkiest bits may be the ones I feel I need to eliminate as being too risky, but they could just be the ones I need to keep!
  • What unique strengths do I bring to this project? By focusing only on my strengths, I can figure out how the project will allow me to reflect those strengths.
  • Where does my intuition take me in relation to this project? What hunches do I have about what I can accomplish?
  • What ten reasons are there that tell me I can do this project successfully? Easy to list ten reasons why we can’t do something! By consciously listing ten reasons why success is possible, we can counteract any concerns.
  • When the critics review the project, what kind of raves will they give it? I need to be really specific here and maybe even write down a detailed review myself!


Our imagination is the most powerful tool we have in our kitbag for life – as I dare to daydream, the goosebumps are here as I see myself launch this amazing project and it’s already feeling fabulous!!

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